How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money in 2024

How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money

Energy is a fundamental need for our daily lives, from powering our homes to fuelling our workplaces.

In the United Kingdom, energy costs are a big part of household budgets and business expenses.

In recent years, energy prices have been on the rise, prompting many individuals and businesses to explore ways to reduce their energy expenses.

In this article we will look at how the energy market works in the UK, and how the right energy supplier can save you money.

We will also look at who is the best energy supplier in the UK at the moment.

The UK energy market covers the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of gas and electric to homes and businesses in Great Britain. Choosing the best energy supplier and tariff for your needs can save you substantial money. Make sure to shop around, consider customer service and understand your contract terms before committing.

Understanding the UK Energy Market

The Structure of the UK Energy Market

If you have ever wondered “How does the supply of energy work in the UK?” We will explain that here. The energy market in the UK is composed of several key elements:


  • Energy is produced through various methods, including coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables (like wind and solar), and imports.
  • Energy generators supply the electricity that is distributed to households and businesses.
  • Gas can come from the North Sea or the East Irish Sea, or it is brought in from Europe via pipelines or tankers.
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  • Once generated, electricity is transmitted via the National Grid, which is responsible for transporting electricity from power stations to local distribution networks.
  • Gas is also transmitted via the National Grid and other Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs).


  • Local distribution networks deliver electricity from the transmission network to homes and businesses.
  • There are several distribution network operators (DNOs) in different regions of the UK.


  • Energy suppliers purchase electricity and gas from the wholesale market and then provide it to consumers.
  • These are the companies that bill you for your energy usage, manage your account, and provide customer service.
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Factors Influencing Energy Prices in the UK

Understanding what influences energy prices is crucial in assessing how the right energy supplier can save you money.

Wholesale Energy Costs

  • The cost of energy in the wholesale market, which fluctuates based on supply and demand, significantly affects retail energy prices.
  • In 2022 energy costs in the European Union and in the UK reached record prices.
  • This was caused by many factors including the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine and climate change.
How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money - Energy Costs

Network Costs

  • These are the charges for using the transmission and distribution networks to deliver energy to your home or business.

Environmental Costs

  • The UK’s environmental commitments, including support for renewable energy, contribute to costs through levies and subsidies.

Operational Costs

  • These are the costs associated with the physical operation and maintenance of the energy supply system.
  • This could include pipe and pylon repair.
How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money - Pylon Repair

Market Competition

  • The level of competition among energy suppliers can also influence pricing.
  • More competition can lead to lower prices.

Types of Energy Tariffs

Energy suppliers in the UK offer various tariffs that cater to different consumer needs and preferences. The most common types of tariffs include:

Standard Variable Tariff

  • This is the default tariff and often the most expensive.
  • Prices can fluctuate at the discretion of the energy supplier.
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Fixed Tariff

  • Fixed tariffs lock in your energy prices for a set period (e.g., 1 to 3 years), providing price stability and protection against market fluctuations.

Variable Tariff

  • Unlike the standard variable tariff, these tariffs offer more flexibility and often include lower prices.
  • However, prices can change with market fluctuations.

Green Tariff

  • These tariffs are designed for environmentally conscious consumers and support renewable energy sources.
  • They often come at a slightly higher cost.
How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money - Green Energy Windfarm

Economy 7 or Economy 10 Tariff

  • These tariffs offer different rates for electricity used during the day and at night, making them suitable for consumers with storage heaters or other night-time energy consumption.

Prepayment Tariff

  • Consumers pay for energy in advance using a prepayment meter, making it easier to manage their budget.
  • This is like a pay-as-you-go service, where you top up either online or on a card at a shop.

Choosing the Right Energy Supplier

Comparison Shopping

Selecting the right energy supplier begins with comparison shopping.

Consumers and businesses have the option to choose their energy supplier, giving them the power to find the most cost-effective option.

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) encourages customers to shop around for the best deals and switch to a new supplier if they find a more attractive tariff.

There are several online tools and resources available to help you compare energy tariffs and suppliers, such as price comparison websites, energy cost calculators, and government websites like Ofgem’s “Be an Energy Shopper” campaign.

Assessing Customer Service

Price is not the only criteria when choosing an energy supplier; quality of customer service is also crucial.

Good customer service can save you money indirectly by sorting out issues promptly, providing accurate billing, and helping you make informed energy choices.

Research customer reviews, rankings, and surveys to gauge the customer service quality of potential suppliers.

Pay attention to aspects like response times, resolution of complaints, and communication channels.

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Investigating Tariff Options

As previously mentioned, various tariff options are available.

Choosing the right tariff is an essential aspect of selecting an energy supplier.

Your choice should align with your consumption patterns and budget.

For instance, a fixed tariff may be ideal if you prefer price stability, while a variable tariff could offer more flexibility.

Understanding Contract Terms

It is crucial to read and understand the terms and conditions of your energy contract before signing.

Pay attention to important details like exit fees, notice periods, and contract duration.

Some suppliers offer no-exit-fee tariffs, providing flexibility for those who wish to switch if better deals become available.

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Who Is The Best Energy Supplier In The UK Currently?

Lets have a look at the main energy suppliers in the UK today:

  • EON
  • Scottish Power
  • OVO Energy
  • SSE
  • Shell Energy
  • EDF Energy
  • Octopus Energy
  • British Gas

The independent consumer website Which? is a good source of impartial information. Currently they are listing the energy company Octopus Energy as the best rated energy supplier this year, in fact for the last 6 years! Octopus Energy supplies 100% of it’s electricity from renewable sources like water, wind and sun. It scored the best on:

  • Customer service
  • Accuracy of payments
  • Clarity of statements
  • Usefulness of information about energy costs
  • Clarity of communication about the energy market
  • Value for money

A Comprehensive Review Of Octopus Energy

Green Credentials

Octopus Energy takes a resolute stance on environmental responsibility, earning it a great reputation as a green energy champion. Unlike some of its competitors, Octopus is dedicated to supplying 100% renewable electricity, promoting a sustainable future. In contrast, traditional giants like British Gas and EDF Energy still rely significantly on non-renewable sources. This commitment to green energy not only appeals to environmentally conscious consumers but also positions Octopus Energy as a trailblazer in the industry.

Innovative Tariffs

Octopus Energy disrupts the conventional energy market with its innovative tariff structures. Their Agile Octopus tariff, for instance, allows customers to benefit from real-time pricing, enabling them to adjust their energy consumption during off-peak hours and save money. This level of flexibility is unmatched by competitors like EON and SSE, who often stick to rigid pricing models. Octopus Energy’s commitment to empowering consumers with choice and control over their energy usage stands out in an industry that traditionally lacks such dynamism.

Transparent Pricing

One of the pitfalls of the energy industry is the complexity of pricing structures, often leaving consumers bewildered. Octopus Energy sets itself apart by championing transparency in its pricing. The absence of hidden fees and the straightforward presentation of costs contrast sharply with the opaque pricing strategies employed by some competitors, such as Shell Energy and British Gas. This transparency builds trust with customers and ensures they are fully informed about their energy costs.

Customer Service

Octopus Energy consistently receives accolades for its excellent customer service. Unlike some industry giants notorious for bureaucratic red tape, Octopus prioritises a customer-centric approach. Reviews often highlight the responsiveness of Octopus’s customer support and the ease of communication, a notable contrast to the sometimes cumbersome service experienced with providers like EON and Scottish Power. This dedication to customer satisfaction is a big part of Octopus Energy’s positive reputation.

Digital Innovation

In the age of technology, Octopus Energy embraces digital innovation to improve the customer experience. The user-friendly app provides real-time energy consumption data, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their usage. This digital integration is notably absent or less advanced in some competitors, such as OVO Energy and EDF Energy. Octopus’s commitment to leveraging technology ensures a seamless and modern experience for its customer base.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Octopus Energy’s agility as a company is evident in its ability to adapt to the changing energy landscape. Embracing emerging technologies like smart meters and electric vehicle tariffs, Octopus positions itself as a forward-thinking energy supplier. In contrast, more traditional companies like SSE and EON may be slower to implement such innovations. Octopus Energy’s readiness to evolve with the industry ensures its continued relevance and attractiveness to a diverse range of consumers.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Beyond simply supplying energy, Octopus Energy actively engages with communities and demonstrates social responsibility. Initiatives like their Electric Juice Network, which facilitates the growth of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, showcase a commitment to broader societal and environmental goals. This level of engagement goes beyond the typical scope of energy providers like British Gas and Shell Energy, solidifying Octopus Energy’s position as a socially responsible corporate entity.

Award-Winning Performance

Octopus Energy’s excellence is not just a subjective claim; it is validated by numerous industry awards. The company has received recognition for its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer service. This consistent recognition distinguishes Octopus from competitors like EON and Scottish Power, reinforcing its status as a leader in the UK energy market.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Energy Supplier

Lower Energy Costs

One of the most direct benefits of selecting the right energy supplier is lower energy costs. By comparing tariffs and choosing one that offers competitive rates, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. Fixed tariffs, in particular, provide cost stability and protection against price increases.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Some energy suppliers offer energy-saving tips, advice, and even smart meter installations to help customers monitor and reduce their energy consumption. By partnering with a supplier that promotes energy efficiency, you can save money by using less energy.

How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money - Gas Hob Oven

Enhanced Customer Service

Quality customer service ensures accurate billing, timely issue resolution, and access to valuable information about your energy consumption. This can help you avoid overcharges and address billing discrepancies quickly, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Transparent Billing

A reputable energy supplier will provide clear and transparent billing, which allows you to monitor your energy usage and ensure that you are charged accurately. With transparent billing, you can identify any discrepancies and fix them quickly.

How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money - Gas Meter

Access to Renewable Energy

Many energy suppliers in the UK offer green or renewable energy tariffs. While these may be slightly more expensive, they allow you to support clean energy sources and reduce your carbon footprint. As technology advances and renewable energy becomes more cost-effective, choosing green energy can lead to long-term savings.

Improved Payment Options

Some energy suppliers offer payment options and plans that cater to your specific needs, including direct debit, pay-as-you-go, and budget billing. By choosing the right payment method, you can avoid late payment fees and effectively manage your budget.

Better Tariff Management

Energy suppliers often offer online account management tools that enable customers to look at their energy usage and review their tariff options. These tools help you make informed decisions about your energy consumption and tariffs, leading to potential savings.

Smart Meters

Many companies now offer Smart Meters that allow you to monitor your energy consumption at home. These devices can also transmit meter readings wirelessly, meaning you don’t have to provide them yourself.

How the Right Energy Supplier Can Save You Money - Smart Meter

Real-World Savings Scenarios

Case Study 1: Fixed Tariff Savings

  • Imagine a household that chooses a fixed tariff for its energy supply.
  • Over the course of a year, energy prices increase by 10%.
  • However, the fixed tariff remains the same.
  • In this scenario, the household enjoys significant savings by locking in their energy rate, effectively avoiding the price hike.

Case Study 2: Green Energy Savings

  • A company opts for a green energy tariff for its business operations, even though it is slightly more expensive than traditional options.
  • Over time, the company’s commitment to sustainability and the reputation it builds as an environmentally responsible business lead to increased customer loyalty and, consequently, higher revenues.
  • These indirect savings result from the company’s choice of a green energy supplier.

Case Study 3: Efficient Billing and Customer Service

  • An individual experiences an issue with their energy billing.
  • The issue is promptly resolved by the energy supplier’s customer service team, avoiding overcharges and stress.
  • This individual’s choice of an energy supplier with excellent customer service saves them both time and money.


Choosing the right energy supplier is a strategic decision that can have a massive impact on your energy costs and overall financial well-being.

The UK’s energy market offers a good range of suppliers and tariffs, and consumers have the power to select the best options that align with their needs and preferences.

By conducting some decent research, comparing tariffs, and considering customer service quality, you can definitely save money by choosing the best deal for you.

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